Photo Meet: Beer O’Clock Talk



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Thanks to Mimi and Frede for inviting me speak about Loupe alongside Jörn Tomter’s  I Love Chatsworth Road at Photo Meet.

It is such as great event, I’m looking forward to coming back next year to show my own work to the reviewers.

Magneta Foundation Flash Forward 2017 Winner

I’m extremely pleased to be one of the UK Magenta Flash Forward 2017 winners.

 An incredible panel judged the submissions and there are some amazing names on the list of winners including Laura Pannack, Cian Oba-Smith, Lewis Bush, Clare Hewett and Owen Harvey.

congrats to Aleksey Kondratyev for winning the bright spark award and Maya Fuhr for being awarded the project grant.


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I was invited to be part of a PechuaKucha evening ( 20 slides, 20 seconds for each slide!)  at Hassel Studios to coincide with Ewen Spencer’s Kick Over the Statutes exhibition.

 I spoke about our three cover features to date and why I find those projects so inspiring, you can hear my presentation here.

 Thank you to everyone who said hello and grabbed a copy of the magazine!


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I was invited to speak at the amazing Photo-Forum, alongside me on this indie publish special was Martin Usborne of Hoxton Mini Press, and photographer Stuart Freedman .

The turn out was great, thanks to everyone who came along and said hello. Special thanks to Travis Hodges for getting me onboard!

There then, hear now

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Mark Atikin invited me on his Resonace FM radio show, There, then, hear now. It was my first time on radio and I think you can tell! Thanks to Mark for the guidance, you can listen to the full episode here.


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As part of Photomonth I was invited to speak about Loupe magazine at Four Corners alongside, artist Tony CairnsMartin Usborne founder of Hoxton mini press and of Uncertrain States .

It was my first time talking about Loupe but I think it went pretty well!

Thanks to the team at Four Corners for organising the event, the panel and to Christiane Monarchi of Photomonitor for chairing.