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I was invited to be part of a PechuaKucha evening ( 20 slides, 20 seconds for each slide!)  at Hassel Studios to coincide with Ewen Spencer’s Kick Over the Statutes exhibition.

 I spoke about our three cover features to date and why I find those projects so inspiring, you can hear my presentation here.

 Thank you to everyone who said hello and grabbed a copy of the magazine!


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I was invited to speak at the amazing Photo-Forum, alongside me on this indie publish special was Martin Usborne of Hoxton Mini Press, and photographer Stuart Freedman .

The turn out was great, thanks to everyone who came along and said hello. Special thanks to Travis Hodges for getting me onboard!

There then, hear now

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Mark Atikin invited me on his Resonace FM radio show, There, then, hear now. It was my first time on radio and I think you can tell! Thanks to Mark for the guidance, you can listen to the full episode here.


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As part of Photomonth I was invited to speak about Loupe magazine at Four Corners alongside, artist Tony CairnsMartin Usborne founder of Hoxton mini press and of Uncertrain States .

It was my first time talking about Loupe but I think it went pretty well!

Thanks to the team at Four Corners for organising the event, the panel and to Christiane Monarchi of Photomonitor for chairing.

Loupe Issue One


After a couple years away from publishing I’m back with a new magazine! Loupe launched this week at Photo London and Off Print.

The focus of Loupe will be outstanding images and engaging projects. I’m hoping that its open and friendly and open tone will encourage up and coming photographers of all ages and backgrounds to submit their work.

 Loupe is free to pick up at select London stockists – for more information head over to

Cover image: Andy Lo Po



The Magnificent Seven

My current project is documenting London’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries.  I will be adding cemeteries to the project page as when I shoot them.