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I have recently relocated from Bristol to Hertfordshire. Inheritance remains my current long-term project. In 2011 I was nominated for Black and White Magazines under 30’s Photographer of the Year. I was the joint winner of the 2011 South West Graduate Photography Prize. I have exhibited extensively in Bristol as part of the 2010 and 2012 Bristol Festival of Photography as well as the 2011 Royal West of England Academy’s Open Photography. My portrait of the Marquess of Bath is held in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. The book version of Inheritance was displayed at Ffotogallery’s Book Arts Fayre 2012. I joined the Vignette Magazine team in winter 2011 and I am now features editor.
If you would like to know more about any of my projects or purchase a print please get in touch.

Footage of Stanley Baldwin

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Edward Alfred Alexander Baldwin, 4th Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

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Born 1938.

Educated at Eton and Trinity Cambridge.

Served in the armed forces 1956-1958.

Taught French and German in Schools 1970-1977.

Succeeded his Father in 1977.

Was education officer for Oxfordshire from 1980-1987.

Still has many of his Grandfathers famous tobacco pipes.

Party: Cross Bench


Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

Born 1867.

Educated at Harrow and Trinity Cambridge.

Inherited directorship of Great Western Railway upon his fathers death and became MP for Bewdely in 1908.

During World War One he was Financial Secretary to the Treasury, he sought voluntary donations from the rich to repay Britain’s war debt, he himself donated in the scheme.

Appointed Chancellor of the Exequer in 1922.

Became prime minister in 1923 when the current Prime Minister Bon Lawa resigned due to ill health. It fell to King George V to appoint a successor; he selected Baldwin over Lord Curzon.

Baldwin called a general election, which he lost to Ramasay McDonald. However he returned to power in by winning a landslide in majority in the 1924 general election.

The Conservatives lost the election of 1929, but Baldwin sat in government as part of Ramsay McDonalds 1934 National Coalition.

In 1935 he became Prime Minister again when McDonald retired due to ill health.

As Prime Minister he was involved in the abdication of King Edward VIII due to his divorce and subsequent marriage of Wallis Simpson.

Baldwin resigned upon the coronation of Edwards younger brother, George VI in 1937. Baldwin  became d Earl Baldwin of Bewdley and Viscount Corvedale.

Baldwin was often criticized for appeasing Hitler and failing to rearm the military.Nonetheless he is considered as the Conservativesmost successful politician of modern times.

He is the last Prime Minister to have been educated at Cambridge, although one of six to be educated at Trinity College.

Died 1947.

Party: Conservative .

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