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I have recently relocated from Bristol to Hertfordshire. Inheritance remains my current long-term project. In 2011 I was nominated for Black and White Magazines under 30’s Photographer of the Year. I was the joint winner of the 2011 South West Graduate Photography Prize. I have exhibited extensively in Bristol as part of the 2010 and 2012 Bristol Festival of Photography as well as the 2011 Royal West of England Academy’s Open Photography. My portrait of the Marquess of Bath is held in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. The book version of Inheritance was displayed at Ffotogallery’s Book Arts Fayre 2012. I joined the Vignette Magazine team in winter 2011 and I am now features editor.
If you would like to know more about any of my projects or purchase a print please get in touch.

John Edward Hollister Montagu, 11th Earl of Sandwich

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Born 1943

Succeed his father in 1995

Descendant of the 4th Earl who is accredited with creating the sandwich

Family moto is ‘Post Tot Naufragia Portum’ (A haven after so many shipwrecks)

Owns ‘ The Earl of Sandwich’ a chain of sandwich restaurants around the world. The first UK branch opened in April 2011:

Party: Crossbench


Alexander Victor Edward Paulet Montagu, 10th Earl of Sandwich

Born 1906.

Educated at Eton then Trinity College Cambridge.

Served in France during World War Two.

Became Mp for South Dorset in 1941, reelected a further five times.

Succeeded his father’s title in 1962.

Disclaimed his peerag in 1964.

Died 1995.

Party: Conservative.


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