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I have recently relocated from Bristol to Hertfordshire. Inheritance remains my current long-term project. In 2011 I was nominated for Black and White Magazines under 30’s Photographer of the Year. I was the joint winner of the 2011 South West Graduate Photography Prize. I have exhibited extensively in Bristol as part of the 2010 and 2012 Bristol Festival of Photography as well as the 2011 Royal West of England Academy’s Open Photography. My portrait of the Marquess of Bath is held in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. The book version of Inheritance was displayed at Ffotogallery’s Book Arts Fayre 2012. I joined the Vignette Magazine team in winter 2011 and I am now features editor.
If you would like to know more about any of my projects or purchase a print please get in touch.

Interview with Christopher Richard James Woodhouse, 6th Baron Terrington

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Christopher Richard James Woodhouse, 6th Baron Terrington

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Born 1946

Educated at Winchester College and Guys Hospital

Was cox for Winchester College, University of London and Leander Club crews.

Became a urological surgeon in 1970 and has held many posts since then relating to Urology, Currently:

Consultant at  Royal Marsden Hospital since 1981

Honorary consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 1981

Emeritus Professor of Adolescent Urology University College London since 2011

Chairman of the British Journal of Urology 2000 – 2010

Clinical Director of Urology at University College Hospital since 2001

President of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons 2002

Inherited his fathers title in 2001

Unsuccessfully stood for election in a 2008 House of Lords by-election.


Christopher Montague ‘ Monty’ Woodhouse, 5th Baron Terrington

Born 1917.

Educated at Winchester College then New College Oxford.

Fought throughout World War Two, mostly in Greece.

He was sent to Crete to organize resistance carrying out various under cover missions as part of SEO.

Helped blow up a key bridge at Gorgopotamos in 1942. He became fluent in Greek and eventually took control of the British Military Mission there.

In 1953 Terrington worked at the British Embassy in Tehran. At the time the then Iranian leader Mohammed Mossadegh nationalized Britain’s oil interests. The CIA and MI6 worked on a coup d’etat, Terrington an MI6 agent was involved in bringing arms into the country.

MP for Oxford between 1959 to 1966 and 1970 to 1974.

Succeeded his brother in 1998.

Died 2001.

Party: Conservative.

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